About Me

Nothing’s Wasted . . .

Even in the tough times, I find encouragement in this quote from Friar Richard Rohr. I’m convinced I can learn and grow from every person, place, and experience I encounter. My journey has been an incredible adventure and has shaped who I am today.

Some of the ways I identify are:

  • White, cis-gendered, baby boomer woman
  • Daughter whose father was career Navy and then evangelical pastor and whose mother believed a woman’s place was in the home
  • Southerner, friend, widow, mother to a fabulous daughter and a fluffy cat named Lynxy who sometimes appears on my Instagram
  • Intersectional feminist, marketing professional, practical theologian
  • Choral singer, writer, voracious reader
  • Probably more . . .

Life has a way of changing on a dime when you’re not paying attention. After a bit, you emerge from the disorder and begin to build a new life in a new direction. At least that’s been true for me. After many years of marketing and married life in the suburbs, I left that life, moved to ITP (inside the perimeter) Atlanta, and have spent the last few years learning how to care for myself and those around me.

I’ve been on a journey to uncover the ways my history, culture, and location continue to affect how I live and move in the world. After spending four years in seminary untangling what I believe about God from what I’d been taught, I’m learning to recognize Spirit at work in creation and in my brothers and sisters on the journey. I wrote my MATS (MA Theological Studies) thesis using autoethnography to explore the journey of looking deeply at my White culture and its history and theology on which I based my identity and how love can transform our lives. It has been a journey trying to understand how culture shaped me, to let go of old beliefs that limited me, and to embody new beliefs and values.

I continue to work learn and grow through action, reflection, and contemplation. I’ve found spiritual practices to be foundational for paying attention to what’s going in the world, doing the internal work I still need to do, and taking the actions needed to be in solidarity with my black and brown sisters working for social justice and build a loving community. I am pursuing what it means to integrate all the parts of myself (body, mind, and spirit) and truly embody my beliefs and values. Learning to begin with love is the key. Love for God, yourself, and others.

Marketing For Action and Change

I am excited about using the skills I learned all of my years in the corporate world to benefit non-profits working for societal change and social justice. I love working with entrepreneurs and small businesses doing work in new ways and helping churches use marketing to translate theological concepts into actions. Read more about my professional background and how I might work with your organization here.

Writing About What I Notice

I also reflect, research, and write on topics I’m curious about, funny things I notice, the places I see God at work in the world, people, and relationships. I’m still experimenting with the ways contemplation and action help me learn to pay attention. Spirit continually reveals new ways to offer everything I have experienced and learned to nurture the “The Kingdom of God” within so I can be salt and light in the world. You can read some of my musings on my blog, “On the Journey of Love & Action,”

“What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving. People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions.

Matthew 6:33, The Message