The Visit of the Magi – A Parable for Following God’s Call

I only remember reading the Bible story of the wise people from the East who came to Israel looking for a baby at Christmas. Even then, it is usually a single song or reading at a Lessons and Carols service or a fun part of a Christmas pageant. As I grew older, sometimes churches wouldContinue reading “The Visit of the Magi – A Parable for Following God’s Call”

Mediation on Light and Dark

As the longest night of the year approaches, I began to think about light. I’m looking forward to the days starting to lengthen again. For the past several months, the world has felt pretty dark and scary because of political uncertainty and increasing daily death counts from the pandemic. The possibility of brighter days seemsContinue reading “Mediation on Light and Dark”

Christian Ethics at the Boundary by Karen Guth

Book Review: Our culture seems obsessed with pointing out and using difference as a divisive and wall-building mechanism. The effects are felt in the most casual conversations about music and movie preferences, as well as more intense discussions about theological issues which recently affected the polity within one of the largest Protestant denominations to politicalContinue reading “Christian Ethics at the Boundary by Karen Guth”