Create, Develop, Deliver

I’m a marketer and content creator partnering with small businesses, churches, and non-profit teams to develop innovative programs and creative messages that resonate with their audience.  I love the collaborative process and can provide or assist your team with creative programs/products and brand strategies, integrated marketing campaigns, and user-friendly websites that move audiences to action.  I have an MA in Theological Studies, focused on ethics and theology, and an MA in Practical Theology, focusing on Pastoral Care, from Columbia Theological Seminary and a BBA in Marketing from Mercer University.

Small organizations have so much on their to-do lists that sometimes, a pair of extra hands with an outside perspective is needed to support growth. By listening carefully to what you and your customer need, I can assist in all stages of the process, from envisioning the big picture strategy and roadmap, design and development, to implementation.

I’ve been creating and marketing products and programs for over 30 years and care passionately about laying the foundation for sustainable growth. Having worked in Fortune 14, mid-size, and start-up organizations and consulted, volunteered, and served on the board of non-profits, I love participating in cultural change and am fascinated with discovering what makes people and organizations tick. These experiences have provided me a thorough knowledge of how organizations succeed and how to design systems and processes that allow for ongoing evaluation and innovation.

The process of branding and marketing your unique product or service and receiving customer feedback makes my heart sing. Creative, consistent messaging across relevant media, appropriately timed, to inform or persuade to take action is the foundation of my marketing process. I’m committed to collaborating with you to design effective messaging that creates awareness for your organization, campaign, or event.

The following are some of the ways I can assist your organization:

  • Branding & Strategy        
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Products, Programs, Promotions
  • Online and Traditional Integrated Marketing Programs
  • Website Design & Implementation (WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Market Research

To see details of my professional background and experience, check out my LinkedIn or Contact Me to talk about working with your organization.

Learn more about my life journey here or read what I’m curious about on my blog, On the Journey of Love and Action.