On the Journey of Love and Action

Finding Freedom to Feel Our Feels

The first time I saw the video below of the breakdancing gorilla, I laughed out loud. I was so jealous of the ability to be completely engaged in a fun activity and not give a moment’s thought to what anyone watching might think. Take a look at the video and ask yourself this question .…

Bravery, Trust, Love

The thought-provoking poem below was a prompt in my writing group this past week. We were invited to read it through, Lectio Divina style (read through two times, noting what words or phrases stand out, read a third time and meditate on their meaning), and then write about what came up. My mind went immediately…

Resurrection Now

The sermon on Easter Sunday got me thinking about the meaning of resurrection, both theologically and practically. Of course, we first think of Jesus rising from the dead. We can only imagine what that meant to Mary Madelene, the disciples, and the representatives of the Roman Empire—the priests and leaders of the Jewish religion. Depending…

What Does Easter Mean to Me Now?

As we begin Holy Week, I’ve been reflecting on this time within the church year and what it means to me today. I grew up in a fundamentalist Baptist church where Easter wasn’t a season but a day. I got an Easter basket with candy in the morning, put on a new dress and shiny…


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