Finding Freedom to Feel Our Feels

The first time I saw the video below of the breakdancing gorilla, I laughed out loud. I was so jealous of the ability to be completely engaged in a fun activity and not give a moment’s thought to what anyone watching might think. Take a look at the video and ask yourself this question .Continue reading “Finding Freedom to Feel Our Feels”

Joyful Lent – Spritual Spring Cleaning

Right before Lent began this year, I attended a workshop led by Carl McColman billed as Contemplative Prayer and the Joyful Season of Lent. I was curious how he was going to make Lent seem joyful. My previous limited experience with Lent was focused on giving up something as penance and the need to beContinue reading “Joyful Lent – Spritual Spring Cleaning”

This is My Body

I’ve been visiting an Episcopal church recently and was intrigued that they share the Eucharist every Sunday. Most denominations I’ve been a part of only offer Communion once a month at the most. As I dug deeper, I found a connection between Christ offering his body at the Passover supper and how Episcopalians think aboutContinue reading “This is My Body”